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Shine A Light On Organ Donation This Halloween




This Halloween the Orgamites are shining a light on organ donation and you can help. Over the next three weeks follow our Facebook and Twitter for fun Halloween related posts such as costume tips, healthy trick-or-treating candy alternatives and fun facts. Most importantly, check in with us at the start of Halloween weekend, 28th October, to be one of the first to see our spooky new video starring the Orgamites.

How you can support the campaign:


1. Help us spread the word by changing your Facebook and/or Twitter profile to a creepy Flashlight Face and post a status update similar to this:


I’m helping the #Orgamites shine a light on organ donation this Halloween with my #FlashlightFace. Visit to learn more.


Flashlight Faces


2. Visit our download page for fun Halloween themed activities:

  • Create your own puppet show using our downloadable cut outs. We would love to see your puppet show, please film it, share it on social media and tag us.
  • Hang our Halloween window dressings in your windows at home and work to show your support for our campaign.
  • Download our flashlight projection cut-outs for fun spooky effects.

3. Follow us on social media and share our content to help us spread the word. We would love our new video to go viral and we will need your help to make that happen!

Find us in Twitter and Facebook.

4. Sign up to be an organ donor. It’s easy, find out how here.

5. And most importantly, have the discussion about organ donation with you family and friends. Let them know your wishes and find out theirs.