The Orgamites Mighty Education Programme are banking on primary school teachers to help them save lives. In a bold move to revolutionise education and awareness surrounding bone marrow and stem cells donation, the month of May is being reimagined as…

Mayrrow: Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Education Month.
This groundbreaking initiative is spearheaded by the Orgamites Founder, Roydon Turner, and is set to launch on May 1st, 2024, in thousands of classrooms across the UK, with the aim for it to be adopted the world over.

“Mayrrow is more than just a name change for the month of May; it’s a global movement dedicated to shedding light on critical health issues,” says Roydon Turner, Orgamites Founder.

Indeed, with the pressing need for increased stem cell donations in the UK (and worldwide), there has never been a more urgent time to address these topics.

Do you know a teacher you could share this with?
Created to empower teachers to inspire their students (aged 5 to 11) via a range of free,
fun educational resources, Mayrrow also seeks to dispel common misconceptions surrounding stem cell donations, emphasising that the process is simple and relatively painless.

Among the wealth of free resources offered by Mayrrow are the Mayrrow Films, the Mayrrow Masterclass Lesson Presentation, additional teacher resources, and fun family resources. These tools provide educators with the means to engage students in meaningful discussions and empower them to make a difference in the world.

“The Orgamites Mayrrow Activation is not just a teaching tool; it’s a movement towards creating a kinder, more informed generation’, says Yaser Martini, from Team Margot.

As Mayrrow prepares to launch, teachers and schools everywhere are encouraged to access the free resources available and join this mighty movement – empowering the next generation to be global citizens that are both more informed, and more compassionate.

Download our FREE ready-to-go Mayrrow Resources here.

Download our Mayrrow Media Kit here.

Mayrrow is brought to you by the Orgamites in partnership with Team Margot and Giving to Help Other, supported by Gilead and the NHSBT Community Grant Scheme.
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