The main objective of the Orgamites is to raise awareness and public acceptance of organ donation around the world, so that organ donation becomes the default position when anyone passes away for whatever reason. Their organs can then deliver life enhancing and life extending support to another person.

The lack of organs available for children is particularly critical, and the Orgamites are therefore a crucial tool in helping the educational process, in order to lead to greater acceptance of donation, and thus availability of organs for transplantation. At present, while many people understand the importance of this, it is nevertheless swept under the carpet; death and its consequences are not subjects that many people feel comfortable with.

The Orgamites will be used to break through this barrier by helping people, especially children, to confront and learn about the problem in an amusing and engaging way, hopefully on a daily basis. Over time, children growing up with this concept will pass the message on to the next generation, helping to make organ donation the social norm.

The Orgamites will also become an ongoing support for organ donation at no cost to those who are dedicated to spreading this valuable message.

In addition, the Orgamites will generate additional income to our partner charity, Live Life Give Life, to help them with their vital work. The Orgamites will support appropriate charitable and fundraising objectives but will remain independent of any other organisation.

Our activity will always be transparent and withstand the closest scrutiny.


The Orgamites make it easy for parents to discuss this vital topic with their children. If we talk about the problem, talk about the solution, then together we can find a way to Let Love Live On.

The Orgamites are race free, religion free, have no affiliation or denomination at all.

The Orgamites can reach children in a variety of ways: Through engaging videos, toys, apps, and, most importantly, through our Tools for Schools program.

The Orgamites are non-profit. In fact, through our range of products and commercial tie-ins, the Orgamites will actually raise money to support our chosen charity’s activities. A minimum of 10% of all money raised will go directly to Live Life Give Life to support their valuable work.

The Orgamites are the heart of an ongoing campaign in support of organ donation. Please help us in our mission to spread this valuable message to a wider audience.


Donroy is Don Macnab-Stark, Roydon Turner, Mark Calvert and Joanne Billington.

Donroy Entertainment is a small, socially conscious company with big ideas, creating thought-provoking, original content for all ages across a wide range of platforms, connecting the dots between dreams, reality and people.

The Orgamites were created by Executive Creative Director, Roydon Turner. Words by Excutive Creative Director, Don Macnab-Stark. Original Orgamites character designs by Matt Latchford. Illustrations by Anthony Rule. Animated film ‘Nightmares’ and 3d character design by Post Mate. Website by ClickFire Media.

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