Support The Orgamites

Whether you’re an existing partner or not, a school community or hospital, neighbourhood group or represent an entire district or sector: why not make a big difference by becoming an Orgamites sponsor?

Support the Orgamites


Organ donation is one of the most fundamental ways we can give back to others. Building positive awareness around this is not only good for all of us, but good for those who help to make it happen. Currently, there are very few big initiatives, brands or communities helping to create more awareness of this vital, life-saving message. In this sense, an incredible opportunity exists for a like-minded, family-orientated brand or company and/or well-known personality to get behind this initiative and in so doing, help us to save hundreds and ultimately thousands of lives.

Validated and supported by respected and public funded organisations (in education and healthcare), we are invested in positive, measurable change for good, and our business practices reflect this. We are committed to responsible management and good environmental, social and economic choices at every level.


• The Big Little Walk (5km for 6-11 years)
• The Infinity Park Challenge (9 x 8 loops)
• Organ Dough-nation Week
• HeART of Hope (art challenge)
• Logo Revolution Challenge & Eco Brick
• Movie in the park (Heart of Hope)

Lots of great merchandise is ready to go for these events too, and can be ordered in bulk and co-branded where need be.

If you, or an organisation or group you know of, would like to sponsor an Orgamites event, please email