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Let’s Talk About You And Me And Organ Donation

An unpopular topic

Statistics published on illustrate that organ donation is a pretty unpopular topic. Organ donation will most likely remain a somewhat taboo subject among many families until it affects them.

One often does not even know their partner’s thought about organ donation and it is very unlikely that this subject would come up in a conversation when two people have just started dating. Just like the ‘do you want children’ question, which can be a make or break one for some couples, the conversation about organ donation and each person’s wishes is also a very important one that could affect your future together as a happy couple.


when worlds collide

We recently came across a discussion forum on that raised the issue of two people in a loving relationship having drastically opposing views on organ donation.

One participant in the discussion forum shared:

After watching a progamme which followed 3 terminally ill people until they died, my husband and I got to chatting about what we wanted to happen after we died. I have always felt very strongly in favour of organ donation and if possible I want to donate all of my organs, but my husband is very strongly against it. I would never go against his wishes, but then the sticky subject of what would happen if one of our children were to die arose. Again, I feel very strongly that I would want their organs to help other people, but my husband was really upset by this, he said if we were in this position and I went against his wishes regarding any of our children that he would never forgive me, in fact he said he would divorce me.


Lets talk it out

The above text clearly highlights the need for people to start discussing organ donation, even at an early stage of the relationship and it should be considered a part of one’s value system. When two people enter into a relationship there are many aspects of their beliefs that differ, some unfortunately would clash, and generally these values should discussed before the relationship progresses. Have you had the conversation? #DoYouKnow your loved one’s wishes?

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